It’s nearly time again for the MSDUK conference and awards. We're delighted to be participating and ramping up our involvement this year. 

We're also excited to be launching a mini-film on Onepoint's capabilities and culture for the event.

More news on these over the coming days!

Who are MSDUK (Minority Supplier Development UK)?

MSDUK champions the best of British ethnic minority businesses and works with progressive global corporations that value supply chain inclusion and diversity.  

When is the conference and why should I attend?

The conference will be held Sept 2 & 3 and it’s free to attend. This is the UK’s largest Supplier Diversity Conference bringing C-Suite executives, procurement and sustainability professionals, innovative start-ups and high growth Ethnic Minority Businesses together.

“Research from the US indicates that companies which focus heavily on supplier diversity generate 133% greater return on their buying operations” The Hackett Group

At the conference you’ll have the opportunity to connect with:

At the time of our certification as an MSDUK Ethnic Minority Certified Business Supplier a year ago, we were inspired by the mission of MSDUK. We wrote about discovering value through diversity ahead of the Dec 2020 conference. We also shared some thoughts on the room for improvement with supplier diversity programmes.

A lot of progress has been made since then. Bringing together corporations and ethnic minority businesses (EMBs) to supercharge diversity and inclusiveness makes practical business sense.  It drives innovation through better collaboration and creates sustainable business models. Diversity helps supply chains become more competitive, nimble and profitable.  

We look forward to sharing more news and seeing you at the conference.  If you're not already involved, why not register now.