It’s 'Mental Health Awareness Week', and a good opportunity to share a practice for promoting healthy minds, ‘traffic control’.

‘Traffic control’ is a  practice actively encouraged at Onepoint.   It’s really simple, and you might find it as beneficial as we do. A minute of gentle music plays on the hour every hour. We invite our visitors and employees to pause for a minute from everything, step back, reflect, breathe deeply and bring themselves back to a positive focus. 

Think about it like this. If you visualise every thought as a vehicle on the highway (some blaring too), in the absence of traffic lights to regulate the traffic we will invariably find ourselves in a jam, a gridlock that paralyses and impedes progress.  

A simple solution to avoid traffic jams building up in our heads is to pause and take time to gently apply the brake on thoughts.  Regularly choosing to step back from activity, even if just for a minute or two, to slow down and take stock, can create a very positive effect on our state of mind.  This can increase our feeling of well-being and productivity throughout the day. Even a single minute of pause taken regularly powers us up, unclogs, declutters, helps us prioritise, and regulates the adrenaline too!

And does this work? Hmm...well don’t just take our word for it, here’s one of our clients relating their experience during a visit to our offices.

"... a live example of where that really helped one of our meetings. We were discussing something that was sensitive to some people and emotions started to come to the forefront. There was a bit of passion, a bit of anger and the music kicked in. And everybody just backed off, quietened down, and took a reflection period. And we started the meeting again, but everybody was just so much calmer. And it worked a treat." - Suresh Sharma, Meggitt."

Check out the Onepoint Oneness page for free apps to help start the practice of controlling that mind traffic! We also run regular Friday morning meditation sessions free-of-charge.