Everyone is leading increasingly busy / stressful lives.  Many of us are still working from home, which has additional challenges. Can meditation work for you practically in the daily routine?

I don't have time.  I can't concentrate and I can't get my mind to calm down. Very common challenges to exploring meditation.

"I don't have time." The good news is, even practising for a few minutes a day can be very beneficial.  Even one minute can help.  Check out 'just-a-minute' meditations.

"I can't concentrate / I can't get my mind to calm down." Meditation is not about stopping the mind.  The mind is designed to think and never stops thinking. We have to work with it and train it to work well for us. 

With the right methods, investing a little time each day, it's possible to quickly start to make progress.

Raja Yoga meditation is easy even with the tightest schedule. You can learn to re-focus mental energy, aiding concentration.  This helps create a positive framework for a peaceful, stable mind leading to productive thoughts and actions. The free BeeZone app can help with exploring methods for this.

It's good to explore and meditate together. 

At Onepoint many of us have a daily practice, which we find really beneficial.  It makes a positive difference in our personal and working lives. 

We thought it would be great to invite experienced meditators to share insights into meditation and positive thinking.  Onepoint Oneness was born.

Primarily aimed at a business audience, but suitable for all, we run live 30 min sessions each Friday morning from 09:00 to 09:30am. 

Visit Onepoint Oneness for a selection of recordings and details of upcoming sessions. Feel free to share with your colleagues, friends and family.

Join us live, Friday mornings at 9:00am (UK time)