As India gears up to celebrate the festival commemorating the power of women #durgapuja  and inspired by #girlsintech, we felt it was fitting to bring to the forefront some of our own women in tech.

 We invited our women colleagues to share their thoughts on three questions.

  1. What inspired you to embark on a career that is predominantly male-oriented?
  2. What is your advice to young girls aspiring for a career in tech? 
  3. What technologies are you experimenting with currently?

It was a charity project that got me working with Kinnari Rupda, an #Outsystems  certified tech lead who is currently experimenting with #Boomi and #Meteor. Her meticulousness was hard to miss. "Explore, experiment and implement" is her self-motivational mantra. Asked what her advice would be to young aspirants in tech, she says without missing a beat" look at challenges as opportunities and make sure delivery is of high value." Not surprising coming from a pro with multiple successful deliveries to her credit.

Debalina Chattoraj was one of our first teammates from our Pune office to break the barrier between our India and UK teams. She instilled confidence with her diligence and dedication. Challenged with a problem we found her coming back with solutions and a natural outcome being she was often the star of the show in client projects. "A logical mind loves to break down problems and will belong in tech naturally. Continuous learning, application and of course enjoying what you do are key to your success." assures our cheerful Debalina, a Senior Data Engineer who sees solution architecture as the next logical step in her career. 

Having joined the team as Enterprise Architect, Garima Dosi rapidly established her subject matter expertise with our CTO and has since become his preferred collaborator. To our young team members, her sound advice in her poised demeanour is "Take one step at a time. It's ok to be slow and be enrooted to the field rather than be hasty and get lost in the competition. Choose one area as your strength to work upon, and paths will open up. Develop the practice of finding solutions yourselves (with your own mind, heart and Google, of course :-))"

One common denominator for all these power-packed women was their attitude at the start of their tech journey, which gave no bearing to gender imbalance within the industry. That probably in itself laid a solid foundation. Needless to say, managing projects alongside such superlative tech leads has been a delightful experience!

Onepoint Consulting is a diverse team where everyone is given an opportunity to develop, grow and lead. We are proud of our team comprising multiple nations, culture, creed and gender.  We are especially proud of having a balanced gender mix in our senior technical team.