For those new to Onepoint Oneness, the sessions offer practical insights and guided meditation. Based on the ancient method of yoga for the mind, each 30-minute session is offered free-of-charge and run by an experienced meditation facilitator.  

This week we're delighted to welcome a very special guest, Sister Jayanti.

Sister Jayanti is European Director of Brahma Kumaris, an international NGO, and a spiritual leader and teacher, with over 40 years of experience of Raja Yoga meditation and its practical application in daily life.   

Here's a short video of Sister Jayanti giving a personal introduction to meditation.

Sister Jayanti bridges Eastern wisdom and Western education and for more than 30 years, has travelled widely as a speaker, broadcaster and emissary for peace.  She has championed the co-operative role of spiritual organisations in creating a just and peaceful world, bringing spiritual values and principles to the discussion tables of politicians, economists, business leaders, scientists and nearly every stakeholder of our times.

Here is the recording of the session 'Elevated consciousness in the new normal'.  

Onepoint Oneness.