For those new to Oneness, the sessions offer practical insights and guided meditation. Based on the ancient method of yoga for the mind, each 30-minute session is offered free-of-charge and run by an experienced meditation facilitator.  

Now in its 17th week,  Oneness is delighted to welcome Manda Patel, who has 39 years experience practising and teaching meditation.  In fact, Manda began her spiritual studies in London in 1981, and has a rare talent for spiritual pragmatism – the translation of simple but ancient truths into everyday life.

Join Manda live on Oneness's YouTube channel, this Friday 11th Sept, 9:00-9:30 am (UK time). for the topic 'Building resilience in tough times.'

Her experience of both eastern and western cultures, and years of spiritual study, aid her in building bridges between people of all backgrounds and cultures. 

Since 1993, Manda has been the Director of the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford, an international values-based, personal development residential retreat centre. The Centre is one of the UK’s most popular retreat venues, hosting numerous national and international seminars and training sessions. Each year more than 10,000 people, from all professions and walks of life, come through its doors.

As the Director of the Centre, Manda is responsible for the day to day management of the Centre and for event planning and mid to long term strategy development.  

In recent years Manda has also taken on the role of overseeing the activities of a number of meditation centres in the UK. 

Manda continues to travel widely as an ambassador of the simple spiritual truths that lie behind the philosophy of Raja Yoga Meditation.

We look forward to welcoming Manda, and invite you to join us this Friday.

Onepoint Oneness.