Test Center of Excellence at Onepoint uses a centralized testing model that brings together test processes, best practices, and tools to ensure the optimal utilization of testing resources. It also provides benchmarks and other deliverables to measure the efficiency of the current methodology.

Why Onepoint is building a Test CoE

  Bridge the gap between development and testing phase

  Find testing resources with desired technical and domain skills

  Cost reduction and a more competitive team

  Build process, methodology, and documentation

  Increase in quality and risk management

  Optimized use of existing resources

  Build a centralized test automation platform

Important things to take in consideration while building a Test CoE

  Revisit the current scenario and testing practices

  Define and document  a practical and realistic test process

  Work by objectives and create a roadmap

  Automation of all repeatable tasks, keep it simple and easy to implement

  Considering the shift-left approach

  Select the right metrics to evaluate performance and possible improvements

  Constant training of the team