Virtualisation has been a staple for medium and large businesses for decades, and moving to the cloud is the logical progression.

How can a small business owner make the same jump? You may already be using cloud 'desktops' by using Google's G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365 for email and file server needs but moving 'entirely' to the cloud may not seem affordable or technically within reach. 

With the lockdown for most of this year, the need to find a way for many business owners has become more pressing and buying everyone a laptop or carrying their office computer home is not always possible. So the good news is, in the same way, that we started using Zoom (or an equivalent) for video conferencing due to necessity, there are 'ready-made' solutions to move your staff to the cloud.

The top tier vendors offerings are; Amazon workspaces, Citrix Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktops. There are other players in this market, but their pricing varies a lot, and their long-term future may be uncertain, but you can find some decent offers if you look around.

So if you want to consider 'going to the cloud' as a small business owner, the good news is that it is definitely possible and 'affordable' when you consider the advantage of your staff being able to work securely from anywhere as long as they have a browser and reliable internet and in the long term,  the benefits of not having to renew your (existing) laptops or desktops every few years and also being able to scale up or down rapidly and with minimal investment (for new staff, a basic spec laptop and monitor and not only are they up and running, but they could work remotely).