AWS rekognition service is one of the most interesting services provided by Amazon which is based on Machine learning and deep learning.

Here is what the service can do:

  • Object and scene detection

Upload an image to Rekognition and it will analyse the image and identify the objects inside the image. This kind of service can be useful for automatically detecting a face. One of the use cases can be an application which helps a blind person to identify the objects or people in his path. It also shows the probability of the result in per cent. e.g. X objects look 99% like a face or car.

  • Image moderation

This service can also detect unusual contents such as adult or violent images. It also detects the confidence level of the result. This kind of services can be useful in media uploading and sharing applications. 

  • Facial analysis and facial comparison.

This service can do facial analysis and identify the gender, age, facial expressions, accessories etc from the face.  It can also compare between two faces. The use case for this kind of feature can be visitor identification, crime investigation or airport security.

  • Celebrity recognition

It can also identify a celebrity from the picture even if part of a group of people.

  • Identify text in the image 

It also scans the text from an image and converts that to words. This feature can be very useful to digitise content from hardcover copies or pick up the text from handwritten notes. 

  • Video analysis

This feature is useful to identify people, celebrities, objects and activities from the video. 

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