As the lockdown continues, cybercriminals are increasing their activities and also becoming more and more resourceful, and even some hostile Governments are actively targeting home-working employees. This not just via the web to your computer or mobile device but also by phone. I received two calls from two high street banks (or at least the caller informed me they are calling from the bank). What is alarming is they call and greet me by name and even with the correct address. 

In 30+ years of banking, my bank has never called me, and we all know how hard it is to get through when you call them, I immediately declined their services. These callers are not easily discouraged, and they sound very charming and 'professional', but I would always advise not staying on the phone.

These criminals know that people are struggling, both individually and also businesses. So they use various innovative approaches to get your attention, and when one is desperate, they can come across as a godsend. Do not be fooled; these criminals are very organised and even trained as 'professional' scammers. 

So please be careful and keep yourself and your finances safe.