Thank you to those of you joined us today for 'Stepping back to see clearly' with Isabelle Gauthier.

We hope you found the session useful—and maybe you've already begun to apply some of Isabelle's advice. If you weren't able to attend the live session, the recording is available on the Onepoint Oneness YouTube channel.  Please drop us a 'like' and feel free to subscribe.

Here are three things I learned:

  1. I need to 'step-back' from regular activity, which helps me to take care of myself and others.  It allows a 'bigger picture' perspective of my life journey, to see clearly, and make beneficial decisions.
  2. It's good to use a 'point of focus' (like in the video).  This helps take the mind away from the mass of usual thoughts connected to the outside world and go into simplicity, reconnecting to my inner peace.
  3. Morning is an excellent time to meditate, before the day's activities take hold.  The use of gentle music or guided meditation commentaries can help.  

We'd like to thank Isabelle for today's session, sharing valuable practical insights and taking us on a beautiful and relaxing journey through the guided meditation.

We'd love your feedback to help us evolve what we're offering.

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