Cloud computing is a well-known and established concept and there are many well-known cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google.

Based on the market AWS is the most widely used cloud service amongst all the other cloud service providers. AWS owns about 32.4% of the cloud market, whereas Azure covers about 17.6% and Google Cloud at 6%. AWS cloud service started in 2006 as one of the pioneers has the largest share of the cloud service market. Google Cloud's functions as a service, provides a serverless execution environment for building and connecting cloud services. All three cloud services now have similar features but personally I feel that Microsoft Azure is an easy and more user-friendly cloud service.

Azure storage uses storage block blob for storage which are comprised of blocks and uploads. 

Azure is open to all Hybrid cloud systems whereas AWS is less open to private or third-party cloud providers.

If you are seeking for Infrastructure as a service and supporting computing tools then consider AWS. If your requirement is for windows integration or platform as a service (PaaS) cloud provider then you can consider Azure.