If you observe the things that you use as a part of your everyday life, most of them are inventions made as a solution to make life easy for some challenge at a point in time. Be it an automobile to make travel easy, a clock, a refrigerator, a wheelchair for the challenged, or something as simple as eyeglasses.

There were many who were facing the same problems, but it was only some who thought they can do something about it that came up with a solution which many are benefiting from today. The classic example is of Thomas Edison who made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb, but he didn’t give up. The difference between an obstacle and an opportunity is the attitude! Focus on the solution and not the problem. Cribbing and complaining about it will get you nowhere.

The current situation of COVID-19 that the world is facing is a challenge in many aspects. The global economy is affected, people are ill and lives are being lost, we are all learning to deal with lock-down for the first time in our lives, cases of depression are rising and there is a lot of fear and uncertainty all around. At the same time, we see new creativity and people have taken this as an opportunity to come up with new ideas for businesses and using their time to learn something new and everyone is adapting to a different way of living.

Whilst a couple of my friends feel stuck at home, the majority of us are using this time for meditation for personal development, learning cooking, dancing or enhancing our professional skills etc. My colleagues at Onepoint are training in new technical areas, new ways of collaboration and innovation through technology, proof of concepts in multiple areas such as ML, GPU databases and low code. 

This is an opportunity which has provided the right time and space for self-reflection and self-analysis to realise our true purpose, be innovative, to break the mental barriers and unlock our potential to do what has been pending for a long time. We just need to change our "attitude" lens through which new possibilities emerge.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels