The sudden dislocation in work life due to the pandemic has driven a burst of activity on the cloud. IT teams have been busy. Remote gatherings are powered by Zoom, Teams, and Crowdcast. Work applications as well as extra compute and storage capacity are delivered from the cloud seamlessly, often without the end-user noticing. 

Cloud vendors are benefiting. Microsoft's PR team scored a home run with the catchy line "2 years of digital transformation in 2 months." It resonated widely.

People's eyes are more open now than before on the power of digital. Imagine going through this pandemic without the world's IT infrastructure. There would be no Netflix, no Zoom, no Instagram Lives.

The problem is, not all digital transformation is benefiting. Many organisations are pausing or slowing their major transformation activities. They have to prioritise survival, given economic realities. 

Big moves away from legacy systems are being put on hold. Transformation project portfolios are being trimmed, with the focus shifting on the critical few.

But there's no going back to the way we were. Competitive pressures alone will drive business and technology leaders to make moves. Now is a good time to start thinking about what these moves might be.

I believe the next-gen digital transformation and digital innovation will kick-in when we emerge on the other side of this. Something to look forward to through these difficult times.