Kubernetes is the hot new technology of the moment. But unlike many other technologies that come and go, I think Kubernetes is here to stay. And rightly so. 

Kubernetes encompasses nearly everything an organisation would like to see in its infrastructure. It's a portable, extensible, open-source platform that can orchestrate your entire application infrastructure. Having native support for declarative configuration and automation supported by an ever-growing ecosystem of tools, services, and support, Kubernetes really nails it as the next-generation infrastructure. Providing you with a framework that includes service discovery, load balancing, storage orchestration and automated roll-outs and rollbacks, scaling and fail-over, self-healing, just to name a few.

Here at Onepoint we believe that Kubernetes is the future of computing and we are investing heavily in the technology. Currently our biggest project is partly built on top of Kubernetes with plans to slowly move more and more services on to this new infrastructure. Within the project Kubernetes has really shown its potential by allowing us to dynamically scale the services to meet performance requirements as well as minimise the deployment overhead of these services. 

We are really happy with the results and will continue to invest in this amazing new technology and hopefully we can make the traditional infrastructure a thing of the past.