Eight years at Onepoint and our growth trajectory has been impressive due to the calibre of our team and challenging client problems to solve. 

Over time we have worked with project managers and diverse clients in all shapes and sizes, both technical and non-technical.  What has made an effective Project Manager (PM), in my humble opinion, is the mindset of “servant leadership”. 

Within Onepoint, we rely on our entire team, taking on as much leadership in their respective areas of expertise as possible.  The role of the PM is more to be the orchestrator and coordinator to bring it all together successfully in a harmonious manner, whether it is an agile or waterfall delivery or somewhere in-between.

As PMs, we encourage our teams to take as much leadership as possible and trust them to take care of technical aspects of delivery. Our most valuable contribution as project managers is to listen, collaborate, serve, and step in as and when required. This ensures we deliver optimal value to our clients and provide a safe space for our teams to grow and outshine their own existing capabilities. 

The rest is, we have to admit, admin work.

So, we (the project manager community) have taken on large scale transformation projects with our teams scattered across the globe.  Tackling complex issues where clients have had a legacy system with no documentation that needed to be replaced, a highly fortified client IT estate that required an on-prem implementation,  stringent timelines, complex architecture and design on multiple cloud platform, data sovereignty, security by design and the list goes on. 

Navigating this maze is an experience on its own but what has made it successful is undeniably our project teams who knew exactly what they needed to do.

Tell us your single most challenging issue as a PM and how you tackled it?