Many platforms offer ways to visualise thousands of logs to perform monitoring and analytics, for instance, Kibana. These platforms' free tiers work well, however, do not provide functionality for alerts unless a paid tier is purchased. 

Grafana is an open-source platform providing all the functionality of monitoring, analytics, and alerts.

One of our client projects produces a lot of logs. Grafana is being used to monitor the platform with alerts at no extra cost, providing a higher standard of quality to the project. 

Grafana Advantages:

  • Can work with multiple data sources.
  • Can create alerts based on predefined logic. 
  • Has released a new version where the dashboard is now built on the React library. Changing Grafana to use React makes developing custom widgets for your Grafana dashboards easier. Allowing Grafana dashboards to fit more use cases. 

Grafana Disadvantages

  • Some features are only available on Grafana's enterprise edition. However, as the dashboard is open source there are always options for custom configurations.

Grafana Playground 

Grafana provides an online tool to trial their dashboard.